Seek knowledge. Decide for yourself. Speak your truth.

By on July 29, 2011

So, most of the time, the first question we get is, “Why the Gorilla?” It’s a fair question. It’s not exactly the most obvious name we could have chosen. Fredericktonian came to mind; Fredericktopia was another. But wholesale jerseys somehow those Parkour fell flat. They seemed too common, and they didn’t grab people’s attention the way we needed people to cabas, be grabbed. The Frederick Gorilla—well, that definitely grabs you. But it’s more than that. Frederick needs a voice—a voice that speaks to those who live right here in the county and want to know and understand more about what goes on in our back yard. It needs a voice that isn’t going to wereld shy away from controversy, but instead is going to embrace it through civil discourse.

So, instead of describing what the Gorilla isn’t, let us tell you what it is. The Frederick Gorilla is a current events magazine that focuses on business, life and politics in Frederick County. Our mission is simple: Seek knowledge. Decide for yourself. Speak your truth.

The Gorilla is a place where people in this community can express their opinions regardless SPORTSTUDIO of which side of the issue they’re on. It’s a wholesale mlb jerseys community magazine in sports both print and web form that allows all people from all perspectives to share their thoughts and ideas openly wholesale NBA jerseys and fairly without throwing insults at each other. It’s a magazine that gives Frederick the medium it needs to express itself.

From political debates to music cheap mlb jerseys and entertainment coverage, this magazine is the voice of those Coevorden who live here. You are the reason this magazine me will succeed. Frederick needs the Gorilla because you, them, us—we are the Gorilla. We cheap mlb jerseys don’t always agree with each other on many issues, but no cheap nfl jerseys one who lives cheap NFL jerseys here will deny that Frederick is an amazing town with amazing opportunities—and everyone will
agree cheap jerseys that having a community magazine that encourages us to communicate openly and with respect for each other is a great thing.

So, the Gorilla is born—and with it comes many opportunities to evolve with your help. Be vocal. Seek knowledge. Decide for yourself. Speak your truth. BE THE GORILLA.

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  1. Darwin

    September 7, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I find myself puzzling about the third tenet you have listed as part of the Gorilla’s philosophy – do you mean to imply that truth is relative?

    • PatteeGorilla

      September 7, 2011 at 3:04 pm

      Interesting. I do love a good philosophical discussion. I find the question actually moves you toward the answer. Truth, some might say, is absolute, while others might say it is relative. But by virtue of the question, the answer implies that it must be relative. When you speak YOUR truth, you aren’t necessarily speaking mine. Especially when looking through the lens of politics or philosophy or lifestyle etc. So yes, our mission was to encourage CIVIL DISCOURSE by giving people the information they need to assess a situation for themselves, (seek knowledge) draw conclusions from their assessment, (Decide for yourself) and then, from those conclusions, (Speak your truth). So, to answer your question, I don’t know that it was meant to imply that truth is relative, I think it simply assumes it. But then again, your truth could be different right?

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